It's a Resolution, Baby!

52 Weeks. 52 New Year's Resolutions.

List of Resolutions November 13, 2010

  1. Start a Blog
  2. Be a Better Photographer
  3. Learn to Use Photoshop
  4. Read 3 Books a Month / Update 2 / Update 3 / Update 4 / Update 5
  5. Make a Record Bowl
  6. Learn to Yoyo
  7. Go to GOMA
  8. Register as an Organ Donor
  9. Start a Trivia Team
  10. Become a Fictional Character
  11. Learn a Craft from Mum
  12. Make a Terrarium
  13. Explore the Rumour of a Local Beach
  14. Dress Like A Geisha
  15. Check Out a Roller Derby Game
  16. Make a 3-Dimensional Theatre
  17. Learn About Nutrition
  18. Make Homemade Ice Cream
  19. Free the West Memphis Three
  20. Notice Other Numbers
  21. Attend Paniyiri Greek Festival
  22. Learn to Knit
  23. Prepare a Four-Course Meal
  24. Attend Lifeline Bookfest
  25. Make Preserves
  26. Go to Australia Zoo
  27. Wander Through a Cemetery at Night
  28. Be a Tourist in my own City
  29. Learn to Meditate
  30. Appreciate Past Achievements
  31. Splendour in the Grass Music Festival
  32. Watch Movies I’ve Never Seen
  33. Catch Up With My Family
  34. Visit a City I’ve Never Been to:  Adelaide
  35. Attend a Writers Festival
  36. Go to the Powerhouse Farmers Markets
  37. Eat My Weight in Chocolate
  38. Get to Know My Local Area
  39. Learn about Web 2.0
  40. See the Tim Burton Exhibition
  41. Try Cake Decorating
  42. Zombie Walk!
  43. Make Something with Felt
  44. See Monster Trucks
  45. Start a Business
  46. Learn How to Frame Pictures
  47. Try Pumpkin Pie
  48. Have Acupuncture
  49. See U2
  50. See The Nutcracker
  51. Give to Charity at Christmas
  52. Celebrate the New Year and Reflect on the Last
  53. 52 Weeks Wiser. Resolutions in Review.


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  1. […] is a fun blog I came across about 52 resolutions in 52 weeks…. – just realised it has the same background as mine…how […]

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